Health and Hygiene

Tribal people seldom visit hospitals for medical emergencies as they believe in superstitious practices. KOODU provides medical camps including awareness education once in three months.

Income generation
Bio Gas Plants

KOODU promotes Bio Gas Plants among the Dalits in the District as part of the income generation programme. It is subsidised by the Government under DRDA Programme.

community based organisations

KOODU promotes community based organisations such as Self-help Groups, Children's Clubs and Ecological Preservation Clubs to enable their active participation in the community issues.

Eco awareness

School enrollment programmes and School retention programmes are organised to motivate the children towards education. KOODU actively participated in the Arivoli Iyyakkam (Learning Campaign) promoted by the Government.

children education

KOODU conducts regular evening classes for the school going children in 17 villages in the District.

children clubs

KOODU has formed a Adivasi Kalai Kulu (Tribal Theatre Group) to campaing on various issues of the people and the nature.